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Please agree below terms and conditions then proceed to reservation.

This private transfer package tour is sold by IBI Co Ltd(We) under arranged tour contract.
Office hour:Everyday 9:30 to 18:30** Time shown is Japanese standard time **

Booking arrangement
1. This IBI booking  is available to request a booking by 3 days prior to service day.
2. You are supposed to receive our response (confirmation or rejection) within 48hours after your request.
If you don’ t receive any email within 48hours, please contact us: mobility@ibi-inc.co.jp
3. Even if service status is “available” when you make a booking, it does not mean your reservation is confirmed.
Confirmation should be noticed by the email from us after you make a booking.
4. No contract between you and us shall come into existence until we issue a booking confirmation by email and we receive full payment.
    Service prices(Airport Transfer Plan)
1. All service prices shown the site include tax and necessary toll/fuel/parking fees.
Any personal expenses should be paid by guests ​on the spot.
2. Mid night additional charge 20% will be applied for the service with arrival/departure flight between 10pm-05am.​
    Vehicle capacity and luggage restriction  [ ]=Maximum number of seats including driver
1. Client who books private transfer should understand this criterias below which show maximum number of guests and luggage to book for a suitable sized vehicle.
・Sedan car…[5seats] Recommend→: Maximum 2 guest + 2 luggage per vehicle
・Alphard Minivan…[7seats] Recommend→: Maximum 4 guests + 4 luggage per vehicle
・Hiace Van…[10seats] Recommend→: Maximum 8 guests + 10 luggage per vehicle(Request base)​
2. In case guests take the items below with them, client should book “Minivan” or “Hiace Van”.
– Golf set​
3. In case guests take the items below with them, client should book “Van”.(Alphard is not applicable)
– Ski equipment- Snowboard
4. Suitcase size: The sum of length, height, width should not exceed 203cm.
5. Surfboard is not acceptable to be taken.
6. Hand-carries which guests can hold by themselves in the vehicle don’ t need to be counted as “luggage”.
7. To secure luggage space, all luggage information should be passed to IBI in advance.​​
Pickup time and meeting point restriction
1. Driver or staff will hold a signboard with guests lead name on it.
Guests should look for and find the Signboard at each  meeting point.​​
2. Meeting point
・Airport (international arrival): after customs exit.
・Airport (domestic arrival): after exit of baggage claim area
・Seaport: after customs clearance (CIQ)
・Accommodations: main lobby
**For hotel departure, some hotels don’ t allow driver to wait at the hotel lobby. In this case, driver will ask belldesk or
reception to find guests. Please ask bell desk or reception, if guests can’ t find a driver.​​
3. Maximum waiting hour at pick up point.
Airport:1.5 hours after Passenger flight landed.
**If guests don’ t show up within above waiting hours, booked vehicle will be released and full payment required.​​
Transfer from your home and Hotels to Narita/Haneda airport.

Driver will go to your pickup point about 10 minutes before the pickup time.
Narita airport : Pickup time will be set at around 3.5 hours before flight departure (we will inform pickup time in advance)
Haneda airport : Pickup time will be set at around 2.5 hours before flight departure (we will inform pickup time in advance)
Please specify the pickup point in central Tokyo (23 wards ).

1. Bank-in deposit to our account in Japane only.
2. Clients should make full payment by 7 days prior to your first service date.
(If a booking made after 7 days prior to service date,  payment due will be within 48hours after confirmation)
3. In case we don’ t receive full payment by due date on your confirmation, your booking will be cancelled automatically and service will not be provided.​​​
Cancelation and amendment

-Cancellation made through the system 8 or more days prior to service: No charge
-Cancellation made through the system between 7 and 2 days prior to service: 30% of total service price.
-Cancellation made through the system 1 day prior to service: 40% of total service price.
-Cancellation made through the system on the day of service before pick up time: 50% of total service price.
-Cancellation made through the system on the day of service after pick up time: 100% of total service price.

1. IBI will not take any resposibility for any delays causing late arrivals, due to traffic, or any other unexpected ramifications.​
2. Confirmed pick up time may be pushed earlier if bad weather conditions are expected.​​
以下 利用規約に同意してから、ご予約手続きへお進みください

この商品は株式会社 アイビーアイ取り扱い旅行商品となります。
営業時間:平日9:30〜18:30 **時間は日本標準時です


1. ご予約は3日営業日前まで受け付けております。
2. ご依頼後48時間以内に(確認書又は予約の可否)につきましてご返信いたします。
3. お問合せに予約状況が可能であっても、予約が確定したわけではありません。
4. ご契約の成立は予約確認書を発行し、指定日迄に全額お支払いを受けるまで有効になりません。​​​​



深夜追加代金 (22時~05時の発着便は20%アップとなります)

車両容量とお荷物について [ ]=乗務員を含めた最大座席数
1. 適切なサイズの車 両を予約するための最大の乗客数と荷物の数をご確認ください
・セダン…[05人乗] 推奨→:最大2人の乗客と1台の荷物2個
・ミニバン…[07人乗] 推奨→:最大4人乗り+ 1車あたり4つの荷物(アルファード)
・バン…[10人乗] 推奨→:最大8人の乗客+車両1台あたり10人の荷物(ハイエースタイプ―リクエストベース)
2. 以下の項目をご利用の場合は、「ミニバン/アルファード」または「バン/ハイエースタイプ」をご予約願います。
3. 以下の項目をご利用の場合は、「バン」以上をご予約願います。(アルファード不可)
-スキー -スノーボード-​​​​
4. スーツケースサイズ:長さ、高さ、幅の合計は203cmを超えないようにしてください。
5. サーフボードは受け入れられません。
6. お手荷物は数える必要はございません。
7. 荷物のスペースを確保する為、ご予約時にすべての荷物情報をお知らせください。​
1. 乗務員またはスタッフは、名前が記載された看板でお出迎えします。
2. ミーティングポイント (お出迎え場所)
・空港(国際線到着):通関後 到着ロビー
3. お出迎え場所が空港または港の場合は、ドライバーの最大待機時間は以下となります。



1. 弊社、日本の指定銀行への振込の支払いのみとなります。​​
2. 予約後はご利用日の7日前迄に全額の支払いをお願いします。
3. 期限までにお支払いが完了されていない場合、予約は自動的にキャンセルとなりますのでご注意ください。





1. IBIは、交通事情やその他の予期せぬ事由により、遅れて目的地に到着した場合の遅れに対して責任を負いません。​​​
2. 悪天候が予想される場合は、早めに出発時間を変更する場合がございます。​​